In January, I had the opportunity to teach the Women In Ministry of Central Presbyterian Church. What a blessing! This was a three week series for the 70-80 ladies who gather every Tuesday morning at Central for fellowship, lecture, small group time in their circles, and a fabulous lunch.

Together, we tackled some pretty tough topics from both a Biblical and a counseling perspective. I designed our time together as lecture with some “talk back” time for their comments/questions and small group work. We, also, watched a powerful video of Anthony Griffith as he shared the tragic loss of his two-year-old daughter. Anthony  went through her illness and this terrible loss during the time he was a featured comedian on Johnny Carson show in the 90’s. He used the Dicken’s theme, “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.”

In our exploration, we talked about how death is a great intrusion into the life God originally created for us. Then, in our final week, the group was challenged as to how they might live with greater courage. If you care to listen in, the three lectures can be downloaded from Central’s website or linked from here. The first week, 1/15/13, was a bit abbreviated due to a technical difficulty with the video. Thankfully, we were able to watch it in its entirety the following week.  If you would like to watch the YouTube video of Anthony Griffith, I’ve given you this link, as well, here.