Spiritual Concerns

Life difficulties often bring spiritual concerns to the surface. I welcome the exploration of deep questions with my clients and encourage their spiritual strengths. Since my counseling degree is from a theological seminary, I have training in the Bible and helping people within a Christian framework. My background includes working at Christian counseling centers and a faith-based long-term care facility. In addition, I  worked as Congregational Care Coordinator for my church. Area pastors of various denominations regularly refer to my practice.

Counselor ethics dictate that the client, not the therapist, sets the tone for discussing spiritual concerns. I will be respectful of your worldview whether or not I share your particular beliefs. I am well connected with other therapists in the St. Louis area so if my values are not a good fit, I will suggest a referral to someone who may be more congruent with your perspective and values. The majority of my clients have been very comfortable with my respectful approach.