Marriage and Couples CounselingIf you are struggling with your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, I’d love to help you build a more satisfying relationship. One of the many blessings of my profession is to see my couples make a better connection after just a few weeks of counseling, often after their very first session! It is not uncommon for people to discover something new about their special someone even when they thought they knew him/her well after many years together. Some have tried counseling in the past and are ready to try a new approach. They know that just focusing on communication skill building is not enough for most couples.

Thanks to Dr. Susan Johnson and her development of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT), we have a science of love backed by years of research. Trained counselors better understand the integration of the behaviors, thoughts an emotions of couples in significant relationships. I have become enthusiastic about this way of doing couples counseling after having seen the techniques employed with great success. 

I have a significant amount of training in this approach (Advanced Status) and would love to share more about it with you. I am a previous Board member and have been actively involved in the St. Louis EFT community for many years. It offers great hope for both new couples and those who have been married for many years and are now stuck in a problematic pattern. If both parties are committed to the process, EFT can be helpful even when one partner has been unfaithful or when there have been other serious breaches of trust in the relationship. After a few sessions you will know if your love is moving toward the relationship you have always wanted.