Grief & Loss

Some funeral homes and faith-based organizations offer programs for grief, but these are not appropriate for everyone experiencing a loss. Some people experience complicated grief due to an accident or sudden illness, addiction, mental illness, being or not being with your loved one at the time of death, or twin loss. I have led several different kinds of grief groups. Some people benefit more from individual work, at least if the loss is complicated or recent. It can be helpful to speak to someone who is not family about your loved one. At times, family members can be brought in when there has been some initial healing.

Other losses may not be related to loss of a significant person at all. Unemployment or the loss of material possessions can be traumatic. The break up of a significant relationship or divorce can hurt for a very long time or cause us to question who we are. Human beings are made to ask “Why?”, and often some of the answers can come to you in counseling. You may want to view my writing on life transitions or self-esteem, as well.