In May, I became listed with an “A” beside my name on the ICEEFT website. This means I have achieved advanced status  from the International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy. Certification in EFT is quite a process. For me, it began in December of 2010 when I went to a four day externship with Jim Furrow, Ph.D. and Brent Bradley, Ph.D. here in St. Louis. These men helped write the workbook with Susan Johnson, Ph.D. With St. Louis colleagues, my training was followed by 24 teleconferencing sessions with Jim. My training also includes work with Jeff Hickey, LCSW, the director of the Chicago Center for Emotionally Centered Therapy (CCEFT). Jeff has been my one-on-one supervisor. Last year, I completed for weekends of training with him and colleagues in Evanston, Illinois. Check out my advanced status at Special thanks to clients who have graciously allowed me to tape sessions and learn from them as well as these excellent trainers. Certification is my next step.